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Jonathan Ives is the principal of Quarry Communications. As a writer, journalist and editor he has more than twenty years' experience of all aspects of copywriting, publishing and corporate communications.

As an editor Jonathan led the development of some of the leisure industry’s leading magazine titles and as a communications consultant he has worked with clients across a variety of business sectors to develop and implement communications strategies, media initiatives and publishing projects in all formats.

Having spent much of the last couple of decades involved with the UK leisure industry, he maintains an interest in the business of leisure and launched the Leisure Review as an independent magazine for the culture, sport and leisure sector. It is now established as one of the sector's leading titles. He is also a regular contributor to a variety of publications as a journalist and cultural commentator.

As a photographer Jonathan specialises in the spaces, places and activities that make urban life interesting. He has acquired a reputation as an enthusiastic and prolific image-maker with a number of front covers to his credit but only by virtue of being the editor of the magazines in question.

In off duty moments he can be usually be found on a bike adding small climbs to a short palmares. His enthusiasm for active transport has a further outlet via a blog titled A Precious Cargo in which he serves as an evangelist for concept of the cargo bike as an essential of urban life.