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Quarry Communications is a small practice based in Oxford providing a wide range of communications services to a diverse range of clients.

Our services include copywriting, editing, content management, design, creative concepts and media liaison. Our clients include companies and agencies, organisations and professional bodies working nationally and internationally in a variety of commercial environments.

Our methodology is to work with clients to find out what they want to say, to whom they want to say it and how best to get the message across. For a number of clients with precise requirements we provide additional capacity for specific tasks. For some clients we help review their communications and work out how best to deliver achievable outcomes. For others who only know that they should be doing more to reach their clients, customers or members we help devise and develop a communications strategy from first principles.

Quarry Communications offers an experienced and practical approach to publishing, communications and design. We work with a network of associates, including graphic designers, illustrators, printers and photographers, that gives us a good chance of meeting almost any communications needs you might have.

We are the first to admit that what we do is not rocket science. The tools of our trade are words and images: how hard can it be? However, we are experienced enough to know that there is a marked difference between having the tools and having the skills to use them. We also know that having the time to do the job properly is important to the quality of the end result. We are hugely enthusiastic about what we do but we temper our love of aesthetic detail and grammatical minutiae with a low tolerance of hyperbole and jargon. Our watchwords are integrity, clarity and enthusiasm; we avoid convolution, obfuscation and over-charging, which is why we remain a small practice.